Life Empowered Project

The Life Empowered Project is designed to facilitate the potential of young people to learn, develop, and operationalize business ideas, through a three-year guided program. The project proposes a partnership between the Henry Arthur Callis Education Foundation and the BUY-Cobb Leadership Academy to develop a community of practice for middle school entrepreneurs.

Life Empowered is modeled after the successful ZOE Helps Program implemented in Kenya. The purpose of ZOE Helps  is to help orphan children help themselves by creating sustained business and social success within their communities. The participants in ZOE Helps begin their journey to empowerment by joining a supportive ZOE working group of 60-100 of their peers. For three years, ZOE empowers each group with skills training and resources. These once-vulnerable children then graduate as self-reliant young men and women able to provide for themselves and their siblings. ZOE currently has over 28,000 children transforming their lives in seven countries.